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Finding it tough to face the uncertain cash crisis as your emergency funds are not enough? Taking a short term loan is not your choice? Wizard Payday in such a financial phase you can avail the pocket-friendly cash opportunity in the name of 12 Month Installment Loans. It is the wonderful financial attentive for the working-class people who require a small amount but don't want to take the burden of the lump-sum payment.

12 month installment loans is long term finances that allow one to borrow needed a few hundred bucks to manage any unwanted financial troubles with the advantage to make payment via the installment method. Wizard Payday assistance of these deals allows one to borrow cash up to $1000 as per his/her need and ability to make payment in 12 months via affordable installment process. So, anytime you need a quick cash injection with easy payment option, just avail direct lender online installment loans instant approval without a second thought.


12 month installment loans are very easily accessible. You just have to fulfill a few requirements before proceeding to apply. You should be a permanent citizen of the USA. You should be at least 18 years old. You should be working and receiving a regular income. Additionally, you should have a checking account in a bank.

Wizard Payday will enable you to get any amount that falls in the range of $100-$15000. You will be able to discharge any kind of expenses without worrying about explaining the spending of the loan amount to the lenders. Moreover, you will get repayment duration of 14 days to 31 days for these cash supports.

No Waiting; Get Cash Support Instantly

The 12 month installment loans can be applied through the website of the loan arranger. You should pay a visit to the site any hour and any day of the week for filling and submitting the application form online. The application forms for these loans are accepted around the clock and 7 days a week. The 12 month loans are great choice when you need cash without getting into the hassle of credit-checking formalities. You will get 2-4 weeks for repayment of the loan. Furthermore, installment cash loans no credit check are available through a very convenient online application process.

Points That Helps In Understanding Wizard Payday via 12 Month Loan options:

  • Its a small and amazing lending service that doesn't put the borrower in the mess of pledging any asset or faxing many papers to get loan approval.
  • Having the blemished credit history won't put you in the embarrassment of loan rejection. Wizard Payday of these specialized services give every money seeker an equal chance to get credit in need based on your current financial status.
  • Online mode provides an easy way to avail the appropriate loan product by comparing different options. Once you find the affordable and reliable option, you can avail it by making simple loan application with requisite details.
  • Wizard Payday quick online transaction helps you to get cash right in your checking bank account. The amount comes with no restriction that helps you to meet any purpose without even disclosing it to anyone.

Important Question About 12 Month Installment Loans

How Do 12 Month Installment Loans Work?

If you wish to borrow 12 Month Installment Loans, check the offered terms carefully to ensure you are picking the aptest lending option as per your situation. With inflation climbing new heights having enough money all the time to take care of important purchases is tough. Since your household needs the maximum amount of cash to be maintained, it might also be taking the hit. If you at times would like some help now that can be repaid in installments is it possible?

Yes, you can now think of installment loans online to take care of important purchases for your household. Wizard Payday is clearly not adamant about you using the money for certain intended reasons only. You are free to take a call in this regard. The loan is given to you for a very flexible term and you can repay in installments. This facility is going to prove to be ideal if you want to repay on time and even be able to better your credit rating.

12-month installment loans can be easily availed in just 24 hours. This is possible as no paperwork, faxes or documentation will delay the approval. Send in your request virtually through the platform set up by lenders and be able to connect in a few minutes. With such a loan you will not even be visiting the lender in person for formalities of any sort. The form is very securely maintained so do not worry about the privacy of your details.

Go online, send your details accurately and do not pay any application fees or processing fees. There is no processing fees associated with these loans either. These reasons all come together in making these loans really convenient and pocket friendly. The loan amount is always decided in a personalized manner by the lender and rest assured it is not a pre-decided one. Each time, the lender weighs the repayment capacity and needs of the borrower and then finalizes the amount.

When are my payments due for an 12-month installment loans?

Avail 12 Month Installment Loans during tough times to manage any difficult expenses that you are facing. Get the loan in 24 hours and easily repay it easy and flexible installments. Repayment on time of these online loans will allow your credit rating to improve. Suppose you are a hands-on person who loves do it yourself projects and love to do up your home. If you are interested in making a piece of furniture for the house, it would be amazing too. Now if you are putting in the labour and would still like a small loan for the materials, is it possible? Wizard Payday can now extend loans in the way of small installment loans to you for reasons like this and more. Loans from these lenders are in small denominations and for a flexible term. The repayment is possible in easy installments, making it possible to repay on time.

Is 12-month installment loans From Wizard Is Right For Me?

When you repay as required, your credit rating will improve. You can very easily apply for a loan now with a lot of ease and at your own time. It will not involve paperwork or faxes as you can have your application processed over the internet. Lenders do not even expect you to physically be present at the office for formalities. All of the details that are going to be required for processing etc. are gathered virtually. Your loan amount is wired straight into your bank account. What is also a very welcome addition to these loans is that there will be no processing or application fees here. There will be a slight interest rate hike compared to regular loans as there is a risk involved.

The loan amount for small installment loans is fixed by deriving a borrower's repayment abilities and needs. The loan amount is going to be used by you and so only you get to decide what to do with it. There will be no form of fees charged to you in addition to the interest rate. So there are no processing fees or application related ones either. If you would like money for an important purchase now and then be able to repay it slowly take up small installment loans. Wizard Payday are now approved in 24 hours and wired into your bank account straight for use by you. Lenders do not require paperwork nor do they seek to meet with you making the process quick.

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